Our goal and ideas

For our company, the clientes are the most important.

We guarantee maximum confidentiality in the management of all our services and we maintain the maximum discretion when delivering our projects within the agreed deadlines.

We offer company formation services, manage the opening of personal and corporate bank accounts, introduction of card processing services through associated IPSPs, prepaid card openings, accounting and auditing services.

Our Products

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Our financial consultancy firm specializes in e-commerce and offshore and onshore financial services.

What our customers say

Product: POS offline

I received my offline terminal and the documents on the same day. I'm already collecting late payments I had from my clients Thanks to Financial Solutions, Regards-.

Product: Sundry

Im testing with several products, solutions, for now everything perfect, I hope that in the future they will add from other countries. But the service is excellent and very fast. I'm very happy

Product: Bank Account in Latvia

Offshore accounts are exactly what I was looking.   Awesome Service (:

Why our clients choose us


Our clients choose OffShoreFinancialSolutions because they want a partnership with a successful, solutions-orientated firm they can rely on to add value in current equity compensation projects, implementations, or ongoing stock plan management requirements.


As a leading service provider in the equity compensation space, we have a reputation for innovative and flexible service delivery that keeps clients with us for the long-term. Our ability to provide flexible solutions, combined with our deep expertise and knowledge, builds long-term relationships in an industry that’s constantly changing.


We deliver service excellence by combining the best people with the best technology; a core focus of the OffShoreFinancialSolutions delivery model. Our systems and processes are constantly evolving to deliver more value and efficiency as we help clients manage implementations, integrate systems, find expert resources, and build custom solutions.

  • Stable profit

    Stable profit

    Keep your savings and payments with us, and get your 10% annual benefits.
  • Reliable protection

    Reliable protection

    We have the best protection and security technologies, encrypted with SHA-256 Protections against XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Total protection, in any field
  • Professional support

    Professional support

    We have extensive technical support, very qualified and applied, for the necessary skills. Quick, Secure, Reliable and Easy
  • No hidden commissions

    No hidden commissions

    There are no hidden commissions, no surprises, we are proud to provide a service, with no problems with commissions.

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