Company Bank Account in Latvia IBC – OFFSHORE


Set up offshore IBC company in Latvia, a jurisdiction with favorable tax regime for non-resident companies. Privacy, 0% tax rates and wide range of allowed activities attract investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.


Open an offshore company bank account in Latvia

IBAN bank accounts in Latvia are characterized by using SEPA receipts direct debit protocol. Being expertise in offshore banking services, they offer resident and non-resident clients any kind of financial services asking only for few requirements to approve it.

Account maintenance rates in Latvian offshore banks are quite low. Many entrepreneurs and European Union countries specialized in E-Commerce and Technology choose this country to open their bank account. Like in the rest of EU jurisdictions, Latvian banking infrastructure is quite sophisticated and used to create multi-currency accounts and online banking, thus facilitating investments to other countries made by its clients. Any client visiting Latvian banks can be treated in English, German or French and customer support is offered 24 hours every day of the year. Latvian banks are the most valued banks in the European Union for their treatment, discretion and professionalism in all their services. If you want to establish your IBAN bank account and deposit receipts through SEPA in all accounts in the European Union, Latvian bank is a highly recommended option.


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