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If you want to start online business from offshore and save on tax than our offshore E-commerce package is a perfect option for you.Offshore company + offshore bank account + offshore payment gateway, contracted together, represent a perfect scheme for those who opt for business growth and tax saving.

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E-commerce and online commercial activity have become an essential part of our everyday purchasing process. Using e-commerce the companies and entrepreneurs have a possibility to sell their services all over the world and enter international markets. And an average consumer, in its turn, has a possibility to purchase product and services that are not available in his countries of residence. The growth of e-commerce has forced many countries to modify their tax laws because sometimes it gets very difficult to determine the country of operations and fiscal responsibility of the company. The only limitation that offshore jurisdictions set for non-resident company is that they cannot develop commercial activity on its territory and have local clients.

Registering an offshore company for e-commerce is a perfect solution for the following reasons:

  • Tax saving
  • Annual auditing is not required
  • Anonymity of shareholders
  • Entrance to international markets
  • Possibility to sell your services or products all over the world
  • Diversity of customers


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