Gambling License in Costa Rica – Offshore Gambling License.


Do you want to start online casino and carry out legal gambling activities without paying a fortune? Obtaining an online gambling license in Costa Rica is a very important step for consistent online casino business. It will help you to avoid problems with the law and create trustworthy relationships with the players.


Offshore company in Costa Rica with online gambling license

What is a gambling license? Gambling license is a certificate that authorizes a company to develop business activity in online gambling sector. It is issued by a special regulated authority and includes a list of requirements that must be fulfilled by the beneficial owner of the company. Accounting, auditing, detailed description of activity and identification of beneficial owners are the main concerns when issuing gambling license.

Costa Rica and its favorable fiscal regimes offer entrepreneurs from all over the world low tax rates, lax legislation and stable political and financial situation. If you register an offshore company in Costa Rica with gambling license you have a right to develop the following online gaming activities: online casino, lottery, online gaming machine, all kinds of bets, bingo, poker rooms, and other entertainments.


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