Non-transferable card in EUR


Buy offshore non-transferrable Visa card in EUR free of automatic information exchange to make anonymous purchases and receive money from any person or company.


Offshore non-transferrable card in EUR

What is an offshore non-transferrable card? Offshore non-transferrable prepaid cards have the name of the cardholder on it and are issued by financial entities registered outside of the country of the tax residence of the beneficiary and legally supervised by a central bank. Would you like to make anonymous purchases, receive money from any person or company and be able to withdraw it at all the ATMs in the world? This and much more can be done with the offshore non-transferrable cards in Euros.

The latest regulations for automatic exchange of banking information have considerably reduced the privacy of natural persons when opening a bank account in a jurisdiction other than that of their country of residence. Currently, if someone seeks for privacy, he can obtain it in two ways:

  1. The first one would be to open a personal bank account in a country that has not signed the automatic information exchange treaty, for example Peru, the United States, Thailand or Vietnam.
  2. The second way to obtain financial privacy would be to order an offshore non-transferrable card in regulated financial entities. The main characteristic of these financial entities is that they are not banking entities that capture funds. That is to say, the money that the payment entity receives cannot give the client any interest rate and therefore the risk of fiscal fraud is very low. The main distinguishing characteristic between offshore card issuing entities and the banks is that the first ones cannot receive cash and the only ways of recharging non-transferrable cards are by bank transfer or card to card.


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