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Registering an offshore company in Seychelles you will be given a free access to trading routs between Asia, Africa and Europe. The owners of Seychelles companies can focus their business on any activity, such as ships registration, tourism, Forex investments, Foreign Exchange Market, import and export of all kinds of products and services.


Offshore company formation in Seychelles 

Setting up an offshore company in Seychelles is a perfect vehicle to develop import and export business between China, Europe and America. Companies from China and Hong Kong have been related closely to this jurisdiction for decades and it is not uncommon to see that most of the Chinese importers have their base in Seychelles aiming to eliminate responsibilities in the transits of goods between the countries.

The companies registered in Seychelles can develop any kind of activity as long as it is of legal origin and fullfills all the requirements established by the government. Possible business activities are: owning real estate, registering flags of convenience, renting machinery, giving loans, importing and exporting products, investing in other companies, investing in Forex.

Advantages of registering an offshore company in Seychelles

  • The main advantages of registering an offshore company in Seychelles are the following:
  • Total exemption of taxes on any activity or commercial transaction carried out outside the Seychelles Island. There are no taxes on international banking transactions.
  • The shares can be nominative or bearer, at the option of the final beneficiary. The shareholders, directors and / or dignitaries can be legal or natural persons. Any initial or current change of directors and / or officers must be recorded in the Register of Director (s) and Officer (s) and a copy must be maintained at the registered office in Seychelles. Directors and shareholders may hold annual general meetings of shareholders or directors in any country and they may be represented in them by proxy or through any electronic system such as telephone, fax, or email.
  • The directors can grant general or special powers to the shareholders of the company. It is not mandatory that the director is a shareholder of the company. The directors and shareholders can be of any nationality and can be residents of any country.
  • Billing limit: Capitals from 1,000,000 to 100,000,000
  • The constitution of an offshore company in Seychelles is quick, it does not take more than 5-7 days. The Public Registry of Seychelles is equipped with a modern and sophisticated computer system that increases the speed and efficiency in the timely processing of documents.
  • Offshore companies in Seychelles will enjoy excellent political and economic stability.
  • There are no currency exchange control regulations.

Characteristics of offshore company in Seychelles



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